Some GibbsCAM EDM users may encounter the following error message:

This error occurs when one of the windows controls that EDM uses has not been installed properly. The official installer should handle this, but in this case a control fails to register with windows. There are 2 ways to solve this problem.

Option 1: Reinstall

Remove the current instalation as described here: Steps for completely removing Gibbs from your system and reinstalling

Reinstall the desired version with Admin rights.

Option 2: Manual Registation 

1) Download this file: RegisterEDM.fix

2) Launch Comand Prompt as Adminatrator.

3) Change the directory to C:\Program Files\3D Systems\GibbsCAM\xx.0.xx.0-en-US\PlugIns\EDM

4) Copy the RegisterEDM.fix file into this folder.

5) Rename the file to RegisterEDM.bat

6) Run the bat file by typing "RegisterEDM" in command prompt

7) A message like “windows control registration successful” should appear once for each of the controls.


Unable to load a windows control

(A required OCX is probably missing or corrupted)

Make a note of the above message 

This program cannot continue, it will now shut down