3D Systems is developing a new licensing system to be used with Geomagic for Solidworks. 
This table will help determine which software version uses CimLM.



Q: Will my current activation code still work?
A: The current 16-digit activation code will continue to work in the new system.  New users will be issued 20 character codes.

Q: Will my current license still work?  
A: The license will continue to work with the older versions.  To use the new version of the Geomagic product, launch the new version and enter your existing activation code when prompted. CimLM has a built-in tool for finding any previous Online Activation/Offline Dongle code. Instructions for finding the NGL codes can be found here.

Q: Will my current Network license still work?  
A: The network license will continue to work with the older versions.  To use the new version the server will need to be set up with the new CimLM network license manager.  This tool can be activated with the existing activation code.  Contact support with any relevant account information if the license code cannot be found.

Q: What are the new license types? 
A: CimLM License Types.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to activate my license? 
A: If a computer is offline an activate request file must be copied from the offline computer and transferred to a computer that is connected to the internet, for use in the self-service portal. The portal will provide an exe file which can be run on the offline computer to complete the activation/update.

Q: Which programs use the new licensing system? 
A: Geomagic for SolidWorks 2019 is the only version that currently uses the new system.

Q: Can I borrow a floating network license? 
A: License borrowing will not be available in the first iteration of CimLM.  This feature is planned for the next major CimLM release.  

Q: Is it possible to operate the license with remote access? 
A: Remote desktop connections are supported.

Q: Is it possible to run the license server on a virtual machine? 
A: As long as it meets the Network Server Requirements.

Q: How do I update my license? 
A: Update License Version

Q: How do I deactivate my license to move it to another PC? 
A: License Deactivation Instructions.

Q: How do I use a dongle on multiple computers? 
A: Dongle Instructions.