Download and install

Download and install this tool:

Note: If you can't download the exe file, download this compressed file and then unzip it on your computer.

Check current turntable Firmware Version

  1. Run the downloaded and installed app (C:\Program Files (x86)\ShapeTools\STUSBTurntableSDK\STTurntableDemo.exe)
  2. Connect the Turntable USB to the PC
  3. Verify that the USB Status is Usb Connected Go to Turntable command and select Firmware Ver
  4. Press Send Cmd to read out the firmware version

Test turntable

Run the following tests from the Turntable command drop down menu and check if your turntable works properly.

  • Status - Reads out 'Turntable attached: true or false' (should read true when connected)
  • Battery level - Reads out battery percentage
  • Move turntable
    • Degree - Set value for degree of rotation (negative and positive values)
    • Direction - 0 or empty for counterclockwise rotation, 1 for clockwise rotation
    • Absolute - Absolute value of degree value input
  • Check turntable - Reads out if turntable is ready