If you are programming multiple sides of a part but do not have a rotary table you may want your post processor modified to support axial alignment. This is where the output in each coordinate system is created respecting the horizontal and vertical axis definitions for that CS. This means if you spin the CS mark 90 degrees around the depth axis the output will reflect this.

For a short time between version 6.11 and 6.11.14 you could achieve g-code output as if each coordinate system was an XY plane with all the values output in relation the the origin marker. Version 7 incorporated changes to this functionality that requires a post change to achieve this output. To request a post change e-mail our post processor department and state that you'd like the SetUseOpCS option added to your post. In order for this to be done the post processor department will need:

  • Contact name
  • Company name
  • Telephone number
  • Full name of the post processor