Inside NC Setup, enter the speed and Feed limits by setting their maximum values.
By default, these values are blank.  Once they are filled out, the following occurs:

1.    When a procedure is created from a template or copied into NC Setup, the system checks the speed and feed of the procedure and issues a warning if any of these values exceed the maximum.

2.    When a procedure is created manually, the speed and the feed values are automatically set to the maximum defined. If these values are exceeded, a warning message is displayed.

You can ignore and continue, update using the NC Setup max values (not considering the proper feed per tooth) or edit the procedure manually with proper values.

If you change (lower) the NC Setup max values, for another machine, nothing will happen.  This is by design.  We do not want to disrupt executed procedures in any way, much like how nothing happens because of a material change. You need to recalculate the procedures in order for a check to be done.
This functionality has nothing to do with posting, for the same reasons as above.