Please follow the steps below to restore your custom tabs and/or ribbons after a version update. 

1) Each new version of Geomagic Design X and Control X will create a new user settings folder in C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\3D Systems\[Geomagic Product]. This is done because new versions may have new commands or tabs, so automatically restoring the current user settings may hide the new commands or tabs. To restore the previous user settings, make sure Design X (or Control X) is closed, then navigate to the folder path listed previously and look for the folders named by the version number.

2) Copy the contents of the previous version's folder into the folder of the current version folder. In this example, the previous version is 2016. 1. 1 64Bit and the current version is 2016. 2. 0 64Bit. Start the application; the previous user settings should be restored in the current version of Design X or Control X.