GibbsCAM 2011 (v10 and later), GibbsCAM 2012+ (v10.5 and later) and GibbsCAM 2015 (v11 and later) will require an update to the NLO server.  Follow the steps below to perform this update.
  1. Go to Start-->Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Services
  2. Stop the GibbsRLMServer service.  This service could also be called Reprise License Server.
  3. Download and install the current NLO Server Registration Tool
  4. Select Run Registration Tool
  5. Enter your product code and select Next
  6. Complete the contact information and select Next
  7. Select Finish
  8. Say Yes to any questions about installing and running as a service

You should now be able to run GibbsCAM v10 and later.  Please call Technical Support if you have any problems or concerns regarding this update.