Updating Firmware

Geomagic Capture includes the latest firmware for the scanner. If the scanner firmware is incompatible, a message will pop up when the application is launched. You can simply update the firmware by clicking the OK button in the message.

Note: If there is an issue with updating the firmware, you must use manual firmware update from the Capture settings:

  1. From the Capture Dialog, go to Settings by clicking the Settings button.
  2. In the Firmware Update Group, click the Update... button.
  3. Windows Explorer will be initiated. Find a upgrade.dat file at:
    • For Geomagic Geomagic for Solidworks / Geomagic Wrap:~<Product Installation Path>\capture\hardware\Geomagic Capture\driver\Scanner Modules\Gocator
    • For Geomagic Design X \ Geomagic Control X:~<Product Installation Path>\bin\driver\Scanner Modules\Gocator
  4. Select the file and click the Open button. The update will take a couple of minutes to complete.