Setting up the Capture:

Before beginning, verify all cables and connections are secure and in the correct configuration:

  1. Power adapter is that shipped to you with your Capture Scanner, and is plugged into a standard electrical outlet.
  2. The Capture Scanner is connected to the PC via CAT5e Ethernet Cable.
    Note: The ethernet cable should be connected to your PC's network controller. The network controller should be at least 1-gigabit.
  3. Enter the scanning command in the Geomagic Application to connect to the Geomagic Capture 3D Scanner.
    Note: Consult the help for your application for additional information on reaching the scanning command.
  4. The command will initiate. Click the Connect button to connect to the Geomagic Capture 3D Scanner. Note: If this is the first time using the scanner, it must be configured to the network. A dialog box will be displayed asking to connect the scanner to the application using the auto connection.

Network Configuration:

NOTE: If you are having trouble connecting your scanner, first disable all network adapters other than the adapter to which the Geomagic Capture 3D Scanner cables are connected. This can be done via the windows control panel network options.

Option 1: Automatic Configuration

  1. Go to Settings by clicking the Settings button to configure network connections.
  2. Click the Auto Configure button in the Network Configuration Section. Network connections to communicate with scanners will attempt to be automatically configured.
  3. When Auto Configure Succeeds, you are ready to use the scanner. If not, proceed to manual configuration.

Option 2: Manual Configuration

  1. In the Capture dialog under the Network Configuration group, enter the desired values for the IP Address, subnet mask, and gateway.
  2. Click the Apply button.
    Recommended network settings for a scanner are:

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:

    Note: A static IP address can also be specified for a PC's network adapter. However, the IP address of the network adapter should be the same as the specified gateway IP address of the scanner and the subnet mask of the network adapter should be the same as the subnet mask of the scanner.

    The IP address of a PC's network adapter and the scanner that is connected to the PC must be unique on the networks, including those that are connected to the other network adapters. Make sure that the addresses specified are not used by other devices on the network.

    To access the TCP/IPv4 properties in Windows, perform the following steps:
  • On the Windows Start Menu, click Control Panel
  • Under Network and Internet, click View Network Statuses and Tasks.
  • In the left pane, click Change Adapter Settings
  • Right-click LocalArea Connection, then click Properties.
  • In the Local Area Connection Properties Dialog, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then click Properties.
  • Make sure that all the addresses are configured properly.

The following settings are recommended for the network adapter:

Note: Scanners are shipped with the IP address as and the subnet mask as by default. However, because home routers may sometimes use the same address, a different address range for the scanner might be necessary if there is a network conflict issue.


It may be necessary to whitelist the following applications as well as the Geomagic application that is being used:

  • C:\Program Files\3D Systems\[Geomagic Product]\bin\GeomagicCapture\bin\Geomagic Capture.exe
  • C:\Program Files\3D Systems\[Geomagic Product]\bin\GeomagicCapture\bin\driver\App\FlexScan3D.exe

We also recommend opening ports 3190-3196 and enabling UDP broadcast

NOTE: If the capture scanner is hanging when scanning try disabling bluetooth on the PC