Silent Installer 

1) Type cmd into the Windows search bar and right-click to open the Command Prompt as administrator.  


2) Type cd\ and press enter, then cd [File path to the installer setup.exe] and press enter again.  


For DX/CX:

Enter the command to initiate the silent install:  <installer.exe>/L1033 /autoupdate /s.  To install in a specific location add  /path:D:\Custom\Path .


To silently uninstall the software repeat step 1 and 2 and enter the uninstall command: <installer.exe> /x /s /v/qn -runfromtemp -removeonly /autoupdate


For 3D Sprint:

Enter the command to initiate the silent install:   start /wait "" 3D-Sprint- /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn APPDIR="C:\Users\yefimoval\Desktop\Apps\3DSprint\2.12.0"
The languge code can be changed as well as the APPDIR.  All the language codes can be found in the "LCID Decimal" collumn here: Windows Locale Codes 

For Wrap 2017:

Record the desired install template using the following command: <installer.exe> /r /f1"C:\Temp\Setup.iss"
Now Wrap can be silently deployed using the same settings that were just recorded:  <installer.exe> /s /f1"C:\Temp\Setup.iss"

For Geomagic Essentials:

Record Silent Install File:
<installer.exe> /r /f1"C:\<pathToInstallAnswerFile.txt>"

Do a Silent Install:
<installer.exe> /s /f1"C:\<pathToInstallAnswerFile.txt>"