Server Method of License Distribution

For more details please reference the Dark Site Licensing Guide here: Geomagic License Guide for Offline Activation

Please download and install the software onto the client computers you wish to use if you have not done so already. You can find the most recent installers on the main support page here.

1) Download the standard server license utility.

2) Download the Dark Site Server License Utility (Offline Activation Server 32 bit) that is required for Dark Site activation.

3) Move both server utility downloads to the server or computer that you wish to run the server utility.

4) Install the standard license server utility.

5) Copy and paste the Offline_Activation_Server.exe into the server utilities install directory found in the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\3D Systems\Geomagic license server Utility

6) Launch the Offline_Activation_Server.exe file as administrator from within the Program Files directory.

7) Select Activation.

8) Input your 16-digit activation code, your email adress, and the number of seats of license associated with the activation code and click the Next arrow button.

9) Save the .ofa file as Request.ofa.

10) Email the file to the appropriate support team:

Geomagic Tech Support will contact your shortly with instructions and a response file required to finish activation.

During this time you can configure the client computer to connect to the server utility. Please reference the following knowledge base article for more information: 
How do I activate my Geomagic Solutions product using a Virtual Dongle with Local Network Sharing (Client-side)?

Dark Site Maintenance Updates

The process of updating dark site maintenance dates is the same as the above from Step 6 onward, with the addition that the dark site license must first be deactivated.

Dark Site License Deactivation

1) Launch the Offline_Activation_Server.exe file from within the Program Files directory.

2) Select the Deactivation option.

3) Select the dark site license from the table shown and click the Next arrow button.

4) Send the Deactivation.ofa to