License information update 

Please follow the steps below depending on your license type:

Online Activation 

1) Open the Geomagic License Utility (Win 7: Start > All Programs > 3D Systems > Product Name > Geomagic License Utility | Win 10: Start > 3D Systems > Geomagic License Utility) and select Online Activation License 

2) Click on License Information Update 

3) Run the update 

4) You will be notified when the update completes successfully 

Network License 

1) Follow the same steps listed above using the Geomagic License Server Utility 
  • This program can be found on the server machine in the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\3D Systems\Geomagic license server Utility\GSLicneseServerUtility.exe

Offline Dongle

1) Download and extract the GeomagicDongleViewer3.0

2) Run the GeomagicDongleViewer3.0.exe and select View Current Information 

3) Send a screenshot of the resulting information to the appropriate support team

4) An Update Maintenance file will be returned to use in GSLicenseUtil > USB Dongle > Update Maintenance Information 

5) Click the Open File option and navigate to the UpdateMaintenance.exe file to update your dongle license to the new maintenance date.
Run Update will run the update program and return a message when the update is complete, click OK and close the utility