1. About 30 seconds after powering on your Capture device, a projected 3DS logo should appear. The projection disappears after several seconds.
1) If you missed the logo, disconnect the line cord, and then plug it back in. After about 30 seconds, the projected 3DS logo should appear.

2) For Capture Mini, there’s a power button on the back of the device. Make sure the button is on.
3) If you don’t see the projected logo, check cable connection. Especially the connector in the image below should be tightly in. If still no luck, contact Geomagic tech support.

  1. Launch your Capture plug-in. Design X is used in this article. Other apps should be similar.
  1. If you get a black screen, click on “Settings”.

  1. Your Capture device serial number and turntable (if any) should be detected. Check the checkboxes to select the devices.
  1. If the screen is still black after “Connecting to scanner…”, click “Advanced Options”.

  1. Click “Auto Configure”.
You may get this UAC message.
  1. If auto configuration is successful, you should see projection grid and scan preview.

  1. If you have a turntable, you will need to register the device.
Align turntable center to projection grid center.
Align object center to turntable center.

Adjust exposure and select proper settings, then click on the “Register” button. The turntable should rotate. Once the registration is done, “Registration successful” message appears.
  1. Go back, change options if needed, then click “Scan”