When attempting to activate a code for an online activation license, some users may experience an error such as one of these below:


Typically such an error indicates a connectivity problem where the software licensing utility is unable to reach a licensing server.  You will need to
unblock the application from any firewalls or antivirus installed on the computer.

For example:  Navigate to the Windows Firewall control panel and add this to the firewall proxy/whitelist:

  • GSLicenseUtil.exe
  • [Software Name].exe   (i.e. GeomagicDesignx.exe)
  • -
  • -

Please verify the machine has the latest Windows Updates installed.  Our license provider no longer uses SSLV3 Security Protocol.  The latest
Windows Updates will update your computer to use Protocols TLS 1.1 and 1.2.

Internet Options > Advanced > Scroll down to Security > Use TLS 1.1, Use TLS 1.2


There is an alternate version of this error code that requires a different set of steps to troubleshoot:

1) Verify that the code has been typed in properly.  It is best to copy and paste the code to avoid mistakes.  
2) Make sure that the code you are trying to use is not an evaluation or trial license 
3) Contact Geomagic Support to verify that the license is active and has a valid effective date.

This version of the error code will often appear when using an unsupported configuration like a virtual machine: